Fantastixx Chronicles

Phanyee and Ucur's Capture!

[This was a flashback game chronicling how two Shadar-Kai managed to be captured by the Church of Avandra.]

Phanyee and Ucur were an ambitious wizard/monk duo terrorizing the Shadowfell settlements for fun and profit when suddenly they were captured. As they we’re robbing a traveling camp on the outskirts of Moil, the City that Waits. The camp was heavily bombarded by firespells and was totally overrun by homunculus and they we’re captured.

For three months, the duo we’re kept in a semi-conscious state as their blood was magically sanguined three times a day.

It looked like another numbing day of forced blood charity for Phanyee and Ucur but suddenly two elf appears in front of their cages, also an earthquake…

The two elves were a Paladin/Cleric duo named Heian and Andra. They broke loose as the earthquake somehow managed to damage the lock on their cage. Heian had hesitations upon releasing two dangerous looking Shadar-Kai but Andra convinced him this was the only course of action to take. Still not 100% sure on her advice, he did it anyway.

The unlikely party managed to fight through a bunch of homunculus, rats and krhuliks when they reach what looked like a river exit. However Ucur, using his monk-sense, knew that a torrent of water was about to come down and had everyone take cover on the cavern walls. His sense was right as the water burst down into the cavern…sweeping the Tiefling and his minions over to the room they were in.

The party managed to pounce on the Tiefling, killing it with a monk kick that decapitated his head. The Shadar-Kai duo then proceeded to abuse and intimidate Heian and Andra into giving up their possessions and have them loot the dangerously flooded caverns.

Eventually they made it out, only to find that an Avandra mission have been waiting out front in case there needed help to be offered. Heian and Andra immediately had Phanyee and Ucur detained…by the 20 clerics, invokers and paladins that were surrounding the place. because the Shadar-Kai were an extra-planar species there for not able to be tried under law in this plane. So they were placed under the custory of the Church of Avandra instead.



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