Fantastixx Chronicles

Escape from Sembria

- Garfield, Aramir and Alin meet Ash. Ash has contacts in Sembria and the greater Nethiril area. Contacts the Inclusionist movement, spearheaded by the Church of Avandra and Bahamut, need to gain a diplomatic foothold in Nethiril. Ash has one condition however, he needs to get the body of his friend and musical partner Virgie out of Nethiril. Baldur’s Gate might have the magical resources needed to wake her from her magically-induced coma.

- Things go awry as Ash’s “sample” contact human merchant Inius Olger was almost assasinated by a Nethirese agent. Whether the assassin was a corrupt element or not is not known. Regardless, the assassin was slain but the guards in the area were prompted to chase the group outside Sembria as the assassin was wearing Nethirese colors.

- The hid in a tavern after an exhausting chase through town (where Garfield suffered a sprained ankle) after bribing the owner with 25 gold. Inius explained that a purple scroll he was carrying might be the reason for his assassination attempt. The message is magically enchanted with a fireball spell that will destroy the scroll (and the area it was opened in) if not opened by a cleric of Avandra in the Baldur’s Gate Temple.

- The left Sembria for Baldur’s Gate at the break of dawn where they were spotted by a Hobgoblins, the managed to survive the battle intact.

- Just as they reach the city limits, a high-ranking Netherese Mage and his Shadar-Kai Chainfighter bodyguard attempted to stop the party from leaving Nethiril with the scroll. Alas, they we’re unsuccessful.

- The party then arrives safely at Baldur’s Gate.



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