Fantastixx Chronicles

Of Orcs and More Orcs...

- Phanyee, Ucur, “Killer”, Garfield and Virgie was sent to West Harbor to fulfill their out-of-city patrol quota for the Flaming Fist.

- Just as they arrived they witnessed the town being raided by orcs and they proceeded to ask the mayor of West Harbor what must be done. After two seconds of deliberating Phanyee decided that they will just eliminate the Orc threat as bluntly as possible… by murdering them all.

- They managed to find the former dwarven settlement that has been lost to the orcs. The settlement was heavily trapped and the orcs tried their best to use every trap to their advantage. At one point Phanyee and Ucur was stuck in the pit without anybody to help them as Virgie and Garfield dodged arrows coming out of nowhere. The nature keen “Killer” avoided most of the traps. After dodging traps of acid, arrows and fire, they proceeded to eliminate every orc threat stationed in that cave, including the tribe chieftain with two arrows right in the eyes (courtesy of “Killer”, a burning wound (courtesy of Phanyee), a hole in the chest (by Ucur).

- The looted the orc barracks and managed to make out with all their gold and their yummy food as well.

- Back in West Harbor, they were handsomely rewarded with gold and magical items.

The Flames of Initiation
What is this? The United Colors of Baldur's Gate?!

- Virgie, by the prowess of Baldur’s Gate’s best healers, has managed to wake from her prolonged slumber just in time for the annual recruitment registration for the Flaming Fist.

- The Church of Mammon demanded that Phanyee and Ucur be released to their custody by formal extradition, which The Church of Avandra complied with.

- Each year, to promote unity in diversity in Baldur’s Gate, the Flaming Fist takes recommendations from the churches that have representation in Baldur’s Gate and trains them to be part of the company. This has been going on for 15 years now, since the Flaming Fist super-seeded the city’s militia as the primary policing force of Baldur’s Gate.

- All the new recruits are initiated by assigning them small groups of diverse make-ups. One such group consisted of Ash the Half-Elven Bard (Avandra), Virgie the Half-Elven Songweaver (Avandra), Phanyee the Shadar-Kai Wizard (Mammon), Ucur the Shadar-Kai Monk (Mammon), Violetha the Dragonborn Warlord (Bahamut) and “Killer” the Drow Ranger.

- They were placed under Liutenant Stonefield the Dwarf Wizard which will serve as their preceptor while they undergo initiation to the company. During their first briefing Virgie, Ash, Violetha and “Killer” paid close attention to the preceptor’s instructions while Phanyee and Ucur came in late and generally disturbed the session any chance they got…primarily with the spell “Ghost Sound”.

- For their first day, the group was assigned three tasks that were requested from three merchants:

1. “Locate and retrieved an illegal shipment of wood from the Cloak Wood hidden in one of Baldur’s Gate’s many warehouses.”

This was requested by Gillan Truesilver the Elven Caretaker of the Unicorns Merchant Company. Gillian seemed to be taking an interest in the elven environment Virgie grew up in, in which Virgie responded with a semi-embarrassing anecdote.

Later that day, the group stalked into the suspicious warehouse. Violetha managed to single-handedly open the gate as Virgie magically suppressed the creaking sound of the gates moving. Ucur then percieved five voices from inside. Phanyee had the idea to produced a sustained “Ghost Sound” going to draw out the guards to the front gates. Which worked. Phanyee and Virgie worked together to simultaneously shut off the lights so Ucur and “Killer” can enter stealthily into the warehouse. After managing to rob their crossbows from them, Phanyee immediately lit up the warehouse with Scorching Burst which caught one guard on fire. After the fire subsided, Ucur and “Killer” did a one-two attack using their Crane’s Wings and Twin Strike. The two Tiefling guards placed a top of the catwalks steadfast and delivered a fire attack on the party hitting nobody. Which was followed by a Furious Smash by Violetha to the Human Guard which died from the blow. The other human guard ran out.

Seeing the chaos unfold inside, Virgie and Ash waddled inside to find the fifth voice. The immediately found him and Virgie let out her Song of Hope followed by Vicious Mockery courtesy of Ash which neutralized the Tiefling Darkblade. And in a carefully calculated attack, it was all over in 6 decisive seconds.

While Phanyee and Ucur had their fun looting and abusing the new captures and “Killer” handling security, Virgie and Ash searched the warehouse for the wood and potential documents that could link this operation with an outside company. Violetha managed to intimidate the Tiefling into coughing up the location of the documents. Which were immediately found by Virgie.

2. “Get an enduring specimen of a Seashell to be used by the Bound of Iron weapons company as a handguard of a custom weapon from the beaches of Baldur’s Gate”

This was requested by the Dwarven weaponsmith Hurth Blackhammer to complete a custom weapon meant for an exclusive clientele. Ucur managed to cause an incident when his kleptomanical hands (influenced by the kleptomaniacal mind of Phanyee) stole a gold bag from the Dwarf. This enraged the Dwarf and a fight almost broke out between the Dragonborn bodyguards of Hurth Blackhammer. Luckily, a security officer of the Flaming Fist HQ managed to break up the fight with the help of Violetha.

The seashell is said to be located in the beach of Baldur’s Gate, and to the beach the went (right after they seized the warehouse for the Flaming Fist). The cave was dark so Phanyee flicked a light source from her hand while Virgie lit the torches of the caves. Inside the cave of the seashells, they didn’t find monsters. But instead found fellow Flaming Fist initiates. Violetha and “Killer” immediately said “Hi!” while Virgie didn’t think that was such a great idea. The other initiates was disrespectful of the party claiming to be their seniors. Seniors that has got the seashell already. Turns out they had two weapons-viable seashells in their inventory. Virgie managed to charm the other initiates’ leader to give them one seashell. Right afterwards “Killer” found a better specimen one buried in the sand…and another.

So essentially in the space of a conversation, the party had managed to retrieved three weapons-viable seashels while the other group in three hours only managed the two (one they gave to Virgie).

On a side note, Ucur was caught groping a dwarven buttock in a failed attempt to pickpocket one of the older initiates.

3. “Get a shipment of spices released from the Baldur’s Gate Trade Authority Warehouses”

This was requested by William Daryl of the Merchant’s League. Mr. Daryl (which he liked to be called), demanded this task be done today as he needs to satiate a deal he has with one of the more reputable merchant houses in Baldur’s Gate. He doesn’t care how it its done…as long as it is.

Phanyee immediately suggested that the party sneak in and just steal the shipment for Mr. Daryl. Virgie, Violetha and “Killer” disagreed, they wanted to go through official channels. They got into an argument for a while which led to Phanyee bailing out of the group, instead choosing to shop in the market district. Ucur shortly followed Phanyee to shop. Ash followed Virgie.

Virgie led the diplomatic charge as she confronted the Trade Authority’s Commerce Advisor Hector Tolaina to let the Flaming Fist investigate the matter. As it turns out the shipment is not only barred from release, but also quarantined as it was involved in the death of a guard. The guard died of necromantic wounds and indeed the shipment had traces of necromancy. Necromancy and Necromantic reagents aren’t necessarily illegal. Their trade is just severely policed by the Trade Authority, and Mr. Daryl doesn’t have a license to trade it. Hence the blocking.

After a bunch of bureaucratic stalling, Hector relented and granted the party a token which signifies they are acting on the behalf of the Trade Authority AND the Flaming Fist.

They managed to get a sample of the necromantic substance and have it analyzed by a local wizard (as Phanyee and Ucur was out shopping). They managed to know that the substance was being sold in one store in the Warehouse district, Art Evendale’s Apothecary and More.

They entered Art Evendale’s Apothecary and More to find a shopkeep who was initially reluctant to talk to the officials. Violetha managed to set him straight after snarling his dragon snarl that intimidated the shopkeep. The shopkeep immediately notified Art of the Flaming Fist’s initiates presence.

Art was subject to Virgie and Violetha’s good cop/bad cop act while “Killer” just trained his Drow eyes evilly toward Art and Ash played a tense song on his lute. After a while of this treatment, Art relented and admitted to his crime. Virgie demanded documents of this inventory be bequeathed to the Flaming Fist which the shopkeep immediately gave. The evidence was submitted to the Flaming Fist which could lead to a subpoena.

As they left “Killer” managed to shake a couple of gold coins loose off of the shopkeep.

- As it were, the tasks the party was set out to do was done (almost without incident), and was waiting for a de-briefing by Lieutenant Stonefield. They waited outside his third-floor office for hours into the night. The person inside was shouting deep-speech and no one in the party knew what was being said.

- As “Killer” nodded off, the door burst open. A noble walked out of the office and shouted a few choice words at the Lieutenant Stonefield. Afterwards Lieutenant Stonefield gave the party their evaluation.

- In general, the lieutenant commended the party for completing all three tasks. This occurrence has almost never happened where a rookie group managed to complete all the tasks set for them in 24 hours.

- The Lieutenant praised the party’s handling of the Necromantic Shipment investigation. But then proceeded to blast the party for its handling of the other tasks.

- The lieutenant asserted that violence should never be done in public, he has recieved reports that the Tieflings were being beaten and looted as they were walked out of the warehouse. This is a big no-no for the Lieutenant. He reminded the party that the Flaming Fist is a police group now. And the company can’t afford a PR disaster an incident like this might bring on right now. The Lieutenant almost docked the party’s pay for this but Virgie’s diplomacy managed to save them from their wageless fate.

- The Lieutenant also recieved reports from some senior initiates that a member of the party was sexually harassing one of them and that the party in general was disrespectful of them. The lieutenant, only knowing one side of the story, reminded the party that seniority does have a place in any organization…bla…bla…bla…

- As the Lieutenant prattled on, Phanyee mage-handed the Lieutenants chair and accidently knocking the chair AND the Lieutenant OUT THE WINDOW OF A THIRD STORY BUILDING. The party immediately looked down the window and saw the Lieutenant shout angrily…


end credits

P.S. Don’t worry the Lieutenant had Feather Fall.

Escape from Sembria

- Garfield, Aramir and Alin meet Ash. Ash has contacts in Sembria and the greater Nethiril area. Contacts the Inclusionist movement, spearheaded by the Church of Avandra and Bahamut, need to gain a diplomatic foothold in Nethiril. Ash has one condition however, he needs to get the body of his friend and musical partner Virgie out of Nethiril. Baldur’s Gate might have the magical resources needed to wake her from her magically-induced coma.

- Things go awry as Ash’s “sample” contact human merchant Inius Olger was almost assasinated by a Nethirese agent. Whether the assassin was a corrupt element or not is not known. Regardless, the assassin was slain but the guards in the area were prompted to chase the group outside Sembria as the assassin was wearing Nethirese colors.

- The hid in a tavern after an exhausting chase through town (where Garfield suffered a sprained ankle) after bribing the owner with 25 gold. Inius explained that a purple scroll he was carrying might be the reason for his assassination attempt. The message is magically enchanted with a fireball spell that will destroy the scroll (and the area it was opened in) if not opened by a cleric of Avandra in the Baldur’s Gate Temple.

- The left Sembria for Baldur’s Gate at the break of dawn where they were spotted by a Hobgoblins, the managed to survive the battle intact.

- Just as they reach the city limits, a high-ranking Netherese Mage and his Shadar-Kai Chainfighter bodyguard attempted to stop the party from leaving Nethiril with the scroll. Alas, they we’re unsuccessful.

- The party then arrives safely at Baldur’s Gate.

Phanyee and Ucur's Capture!

[This was a flashback game chronicling how two Shadar-Kai managed to be captured by the Church of Avandra.]

Phanyee and Ucur were an ambitious wizard/monk duo terrorizing the Shadowfell settlements for fun and profit when suddenly they were captured. As they we’re robbing a traveling camp on the outskirts of Moil, the City that Waits. The camp was heavily bombarded by firespells and was totally overrun by homunculus and they we’re captured.

For three months, the duo we’re kept in a semi-conscious state as their blood was magically sanguined three times a day.

It looked like another numbing day of forced blood charity for Phanyee and Ucur but suddenly two elf appears in front of their cages, also an earthquake…

The two elves were a Paladin/Cleric duo named Heian and Andra. They broke loose as the earthquake somehow managed to damage the lock on their cage. Heian had hesitations upon releasing two dangerous looking Shadar-Kai but Andra convinced him this was the only course of action to take. Still not 100% sure on her advice, he did it anyway.

The unlikely party managed to fight through a bunch of homunculus, rats and krhuliks when they reach what looked like a river exit. However Ucur, using his monk-sense, knew that a torrent of water was about to come down and had everyone take cover on the cavern walls. His sense was right as the water burst down into the cavern…sweeping the Tiefling and his minions over to the room they were in.

The party managed to pounce on the Tiefling, killing it with a monk kick that decapitated his head. The Shadar-Kai duo then proceeded to abuse and intimidate Heian and Andra into giving up their possessions and have them loot the dangerously flooded caverns.

Eventually they made it out, only to find that an Avandra mission have been waiting out front in case there needed help to be offered. Heian and Andra immediately had Phanyee and Ucur detained…by the 20 clerics, invokers and paladins that were surrounding the place. because the Shadar-Kai were an extra-planar species there for not able to be tried under law in this plane. So they were placed under the custory of the Church of Avandra instead.

The Beginning

The adventure starts with the dwarf paladin Thordrin and his new charge the human Cleric Tara being sent to investigate Coppernight Hold as there has been no correspondence from the in two months. They were assigned the Shadar-Kai Wizard/Monk trouble makers Phanyee and Ucur.

Phanyee and Ucur continuously tested the patience of Thorndin as they played practical jokes on him all the time. Tara was spared of this…at least for the time being.

Eventurally the arrived to Coppernight Hold to find that is was overrun by kobolds…and maybe a dragon. After a tough entry, Thorndin managed to trap a kobold wyrmpriest in a drum and they proceeded to interrogate the wyrmpriest.


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