Fantastixx Chronicles

Of Orcs and More Orcs...

- Phanyee, Ucur, “Killer”, Garfield and Virgie was sent to West Harbor to fulfill their out-of-city patrol quota for the Flaming Fist.

- Just as they arrived they witnessed the town being raided by orcs and they proceeded to ask the mayor of West Harbor what must be done. After two seconds of deliberating Phanyee decided that they will just eliminate the Orc threat as bluntly as possible… by murdering them all.

- They managed to find the former dwarven settlement that has been lost to the orcs. The settlement was heavily trapped and the orcs tried their best to use every trap to their advantage. At one point Phanyee and Ucur was stuck in the pit without anybody to help them as Virgie and Garfield dodged arrows coming out of nowhere. The nature keen “Killer” avoided most of the traps. After dodging traps of acid, arrows and fire, they proceeded to eliminate every orc threat stationed in that cave, including the tribe chieftain with two arrows right in the eyes (courtesy of “Killer”, a burning wound (courtesy of Phanyee), a hole in the chest (by Ucur).

- The looted the orc barracks and managed to make out with all their gold and their yummy food as well.

- Back in West Harbor, they were handsomely rewarded with gold and magical items.



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